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Are you suffering from Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Blurriness or Cataracts,

Floaters, Pressure Problems, Astigmatism or other Visual Symptoms?

1 BILLION people experience vision loss globally…

Scientists expect the number of people with eye problems to rise dramatically, especially with all the screen time working on computers and scrolling on phones.

According to Dr Cynthia Owsley, an eye researcher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, "Vision impairment and blindness are among the top five causes of disability in adults."

The consequences of vision impairment and blindness should not be taken lightly...

Your eyes are connected to your brain as it translates everything you see into something you can understand. Many studies show that eye movements are closely linked to cognitive processes such as attention, memory, and decision-making.

Where you look and focus your vision reveals your thoughts, desires, goals, and everything that you value, everything that makes up your life…

What happens when your ability to see slowly disintegrates over time...?

Reverse Your Aging with Energetic Quantum Stem Cell Optimization & Regenerate 20/20 Vision!

Aging causes your stem cells to diminish in their ability to keep you healthy and to heal your body. Over time, your organs and glands cannot repair themselves optimally, and thus begin the degeneration of your vision at a cellular level…

Stem cell therapy can bring incredible results as it empowers your own body’s immunity and ability to heal. As a more natural method of repairing damaged tissue and organs, it has even replaced cosmetic surgery but it comes with a hefty price tag of up to $100,00 for ONE stem cell injection!

Not only is stem cell therapy expensive, it is also not 100% guaranteed effective… And that is a massive price to pay for MAYBE improving your eyesight.

Why not get all the benefits of stem cell therapy at a tiny fraction of the price, without any injections, plus a GUARANTEE to not only upgrade your vision, but also experience a life-changing transformation beyond your imagination!

In this EXCLUSIVE offer, Marlene uses her lifetimes of training and experience to share how you can regenerate your OWN stem cells for vision health!!!

You will receive the Divine Template into the Master Stem Cells of your eyes and clear YEARS, or even LIFETIMES, of toxins and faulty programming that have prevented the full function of your vision…

AMAZING Results With This Program! Check These Out!

I no longer notice a blurry area where my astigmatism is! ~ Annette K

I am seeing the world clearer and without restriction! ~ Patty P

Haven’t worn glasses for 2 months! ~ Cindi T

New glasses needed with LESS correction! ~ Tina P

Gave up contacts after my clearing with Marlene! ~ Alice T

20/40 to 20/30 in my Right eye! ~ Marlys Amryglis

My old pair of glasses are now blurry! ~ Louis

I can now drive again! ~ Pamela C

Dramatic improvement in my vision! ~ Marci E

“What can I say about going from a hazey state of awareness to a clearer reality? THIS is what it’s like to SEE, omg.” - Tammy P.

Tap into Your Cell's OWN Energy to Upgrade your Eyes, and Improve BOTH Your Inner and Outer Vision!

If you are fed up with dirty, greasy, scratched up glasses, contact lenses that constantly give you dry eyes, expensive laser surgery, eye drops and treatments, or the risk of going blind as you age, then this program was made EXACTLY FOR YOU.

Revitalise your eyesight and see your world in 20/20 vision! Have complete clarity and focus, and free yourself from the vision impairments that have distorted your life!

But wait, there’s more…

In going through everything Marlene has to offer, you will also begin to transform the energy of your inner vision and heal from emotional trauma.

Marlene has nurtured her gifts to tap into the quantum field and identify relationships between specific eye problems and emotional trauma. Here are a few examples of vision problems and traumas:



Hostility and emotionally charged aggression trying to manifest…



Past life traumas and attachments that are blocking opportunities…


Eye Twitching:

Suppressed childhood trauma and fears disrupting your energy body…


Watery Eyes:

Inability to express inner grief, anxiety, guilt and denial…


Under Eye Circles:

Deep-seated resentment, remorse and regret…


And many more…

Through the Quantum Stem Cell Vision Regeneration, you will experience healing at a quantum level that elevates your entire energy body into a higher vibrational frequency of overflowing abundance, love and intelligence.

Every obstacle that was blocking you from the truth will be released INSTANTLY...
Every opportunity that you could not see before will become CRYSTAL CLEAR...
Every desire that seems impossible is now attracted to you with LASER FOCUS...

If you are fed up with settling for a mediocre life, struggling just to survive and losing hope in your dreams, then this is your time to reclaim your power and live the life you deserve!

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Vision & FINALLY

See Your Highest Truth & Light!

What Marlene is offering is an opportunity to INVEST in your outer and inner vision – your outer and inner reality. By using Quantum Stem Cell techniques to clear away toxic and negative energy, you will rapidly see the benefits in the physical world because it is so much more powerful than surgery.

Say ‘YES’ to Marlene’s Quantum Stem Cell Vision Regeneration, and experience these miraculous benefits:

  • Improve visual symptoms such as Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Blurriness or Cataracts, Floaters, Pressure Problems, Astigmatism, or other Visual Symptoms;
  • Strengthen your eye-to-brain connection by upgrading the brain’s visual cortex and optic nerve;
  • Clear years of toxic energies and faulty programming that have clouded your Vision;
  • De-program your pre-set programs in the DNA to achieve Youthful Vision Code Frequencies of Beauty, Love and Perfection;
  • Heal deep-seated emotional trauma such as grief, self-condemnation, resentment, anxiety, inability to see self-worth, inability to see truth and weak life energy;
  • Enhance your inner vision and gain clarity and focus on your Highest purpose in life;
  • Unlock the full power of your intuition to visualize the life you want and manifest a complete shift in reality;
  • And much, MUCH more!

So what are you waiting for…?

Here Are Some of the Miraculous Transformations

Marlene’s Clients Experienced With the

Quantum Stem Cell Vision Regeneration

“I no longer notice a blurry area where my astigmatism is!”

“I started sessions with Marlene in Feb. 2020, and have worked through so much! We've recently worked on my eyes, clearing issues and energies and regenerating. My numbers for optimal function are vastly improved. After one session, my focus and clarity was so much better. My right eye had been affected by astigmatism. I no longer notice a blurry area that used to be there!"

~ Annette K.

“I am seeing the world clearer and without restriction!”

“I never liked wearing glasses. The deep indent on the side of my nose wore a groove that I am now in the process of having smoothed out since working with Marlene from a long term vision problem. Without glasses I am seeing the world clearer and without restriction. Who knew? Love it!"

~ Patty P.

“Haven’t worn glasses for 2 months!”

No glasses now for the last 2 months! Going from nearsightedness to my current vision is a true GIFT. thank you Marlene!"

~ Cindi T.

“New glasses needed with LESS correction!”

“My previous eye Dr. said there was not a cure for vision problems, boy were they wrong! They just made me a NEW pair of glasses for LESS correction than before. They said it must have been an error but I know better, woo hoo!"

~ Tina P.

“Gave up contacts after my clearing with Marlene!”

“Contacts were a pain! Losing them, cleaning them, messing with my eyes, irritation, dryness, Argh!! I chose to give them up after clearings with Marlene. I am not perfect, and may require another round of clearings to get where I want to be, but a small investment in time and money is SO Worth it to me, I’ll never go back. I recommend Marlene to anyone with a vision problem. So grateful I don’t know what else to say, thank you."

~ Alice T.

“20/40 to 20/30 in my Right eye”

20/40 to 20/30 in my Right eye, and counting! Nothing better than being able to see clearly."

~ Marlys Amryglis

“My old pair of glasses are now blurry!”

“I chose to not get another pair of glasses, my old pair are blurry now, and I know my vision is continuing to change so I’m just going to allow the improvement to happen more. Feels freeing, like I am a child again seeing the world through a new set of eyes."

~ Louis

Why Marlene Allen Is Unique

Marlene Allen is an Internationally Renowned Master Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Instructor and Speaker. She is also a Quantum Health Activator and Past Life Channel, and is a leader at Your Body Power Life Expansion & Visionary Leadership Academy.

She is the “go-to” Quantum expert, affecting desired change on multiple levels for celebrity clients, leaders in business, speakers, coaches, consultants, and for discerning women everywhere. For a limited time only, it’s YOUR TURN to Claim Clear Vision for Your Life!

Marlene’s deep sense of knowing - ego, drama, and agenda free - through neutrality and Spirit, provides insight into Human issues. Utilizing Marlene’s Intuitive Your Body Power’s Accelerated Healing System, your body responds by divulging the REAL Reason behind any Problem.

1000s of people have found profound relief, experienced life-changing results, and discovered their authentic selves while working with Marlene. Are you ready to Free Yourself of Control Energy and the Agenda of Limitation to Finally Start Living YOUR Truth?!

To Change Your Reality, Simply Say YES!

From the moment you say ‘YES’ to working with Marlene, darkness vanishes from your mind, you let go of the downward spiral of “false programming'', and magical shifts begin happening in your life!

It’s Time to Say YES to YOU!

Stop Letting Your Eyesight Problems Hold You Back From

Your Dream Reality! It’s Time to Live the Life You Deserve!

See From the Inside Out to Gain Clarity, Insight & Wisdom Not

Only for Improved Vision, but Also for a Powerful and Purposeful Life!

“Will never let another optometrist tell me there’s nothing I can do to improve my vision ever again!”

I will never let another optometrist tell me there’s nothing I can do to improve my vision ever again. I knew for myself that couldn’t be the case, losing sight is not an option for me, there IS a REASON mine was getting worse, and now that I KNOW What it was, I let that go, and the improvement is Happening!! Marlene showed me what happened that I didn’t want to see and it resonated with me as truth. How amazing this is, how amazing Marlene is, count me grateful."

~ B. Smith

“I can now drive again!”

“I thought I had to get my matters in order as I wouldn’t be able to see for much longer, that’s what I was told by my eye dr. I didn’t want to believe him but felt the decrease happen year after year where I wasn’t driving much anymore. Marlene brought me the ability to drive back again! Talk about a gain in the quality of my life, what would I do if I couldn’t get around by myself? Tears are welling up, but I can wipe that away and SEE better again. I believe in seeing again, and I believe in myself again."

~ Pamela C.

“Dramatic improvement in my vision!”

“I have already seen a dramatic improvement in my vision and can’t believe it, will this keep continuing to get better? I hope so! I am excited to know that I have the ability to get better on my own. Nice."

~ Marci E.

“These clearings and vision upgrade brought my passion back - I can read better!”

It’s freeing to know I don’t have to worry about going to a Dr. appointment to get more bad news about my eyes. The proof is in my ability to read better. This is what I love to do is read books and it was fading away, these clearings and vision upgrade brought my passion back. If this is possible, what else?? hmm, I’m going to ask Marlene!"

~ Wanda B.

“Health is better every day!”

“Marlene is wonderful to work with. She has been steadily increasing my numbers and finding all pertinent information regarding the myriad of ailments I had going on. Health is better every day. Its been such a blessing. Glad I found her when I did. Thank you!!!"

~ C.N.

“So many positive results!”

“Marlene is an effective healer with a no nonsense approach. I started working with her at the beginning of the year and witnessed a Lot of positive results! Without going into details regarding each organ and system, it’s like getting a tune-up for your car, but in this case it’s for your entire body!

I am since feeling better, happier, with more energy and will to do things that I have been procrastinating about. Just as importantly, my frequency of vibration has gone up Significantly since I started working with Marlene and that to me is a monumental achievement! Thank you!"

“Sense of clearings has been palpable!”

“Working with Marlene has been a tremendous blessing. Her ability to tune in to the quantum field is extraordinary and can be felt energetically in each session.

I experienced major emotional shifts almost immediately following our sessions in areas which had been constricted for years.

The sense of clearing has been palpable and has provided deep healing. In addition to profound emotional changes, I have also experienced physical regeneration which is allowing for a richer, fuller, and more vibrant life.

Marlene is truly a modern day miracle worker and I am deeply grateful for her presence. I look forward to continuing our healing journey."

~ LCB, Pennsylvania

“Wow! I’m feeling less sluggish, more energized and more enthused for life. Thank you Marlene.” ~ Gail L.

“My systems have improved almost 60% so far. Marlene has helped me so much.” ~ Dana D.

package A



Total Package

Value $797

Your Body Power

Special Offer


Visual Clearing & Visual Upgrade Livestream

Bonus: Clear Faulty DNA Programs

Limited Time Bonus: “Mind’s Eye Journey: From Dream to Reality” with Marlene Allen

package B



Total Package

Value $1497

Your Body Power

Special Offer


Visual Clearing & Visual Upgrade Livestream

Bonus: Clear Faulty DNA Programs

Limited Time Bonus: “Mind’s Eye Journey: From Dream to Reality” with Marlene Allen

Visual Awareness & The Brain Connection: Optic Nerve & Visual Cortex Upgrade Livestream

Bonus: Personalized Remote Healing Session by Marlene

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Visual Clearing & Outer Vision Upgrade

Upgrade Your Eyesight & Experience A New Reality with 20/20 Vision!

  • Visual Clearing & Visual Upgrade Livestream
  • BONUS: Clear Faulty DNA Programs


Visual Clearing & Visual Upgrade Livestream

Date & Time: October 19, 9 AM PST

  • Examine Your Eyes that are a Window to Your Soul & a Reflection of the Mind to Clear old Beliefs and Thoughts that Block Clear Vision
  • Clear Eyesight Problems - If your Eyesight is off, Blurry from a Distance, or Unfocused Up Close, you have Issues to Resolve with BOTH your Inner and Outer Vision, it’s Time to Clear them!
  • Improve Visual Symptoms by Upgrading the Cells of your Eyeball, Lens, Cornea, Iris/Pupil, Eyelids, Surrounding Muscles, Eyelashes, Whites of Your Eye, Retina, Macula, and the Brains Visual Cortex and Optic Nerve.

In this livestream, you will get the opportunity to work with Marlene in examining your eyes as the window to your soul and reflection of the inner workings of your brain. Marlene will use that insight to clear any old beliefs and thoughts that are blocking your 20/20 vision. She will also clear any eyesight problems such as blurry vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc. and release any issues with BOTH your inner and outer vision.

Marlene will also focus on improving your visual symptoms using her Quantum Stem Cell techniques. You will experience a massive upgrade of the stem cells of your Eyeball, Lens, Cornea, Iris/Pupil, Eyelids, Surrounding Muscles, Eyelashes, Whites of Your Eye, Retina, Macula, and the Brains Visual Cortex and Optic Nerve.

Receive POWERFUL & INSTANT quantum healing and UPGRADE your vision TODAY!


Clear Faulty DNA Programs

Lift Your Eyes from Limitations in your DNA!

Like an embedded computer code, we draw compromised patterns to us, and we are programmed to always revert back to our "factory settings". To reverse Vision problems, it is critical to deprogram your DNA's settings which will affect your body's ability to function optimally, and to let go of any pre-set limitations that hold you back from seeing clearly.

In this Special Bonus Marlene identifies your "Pre-Set" Faulty Programs around Vision issues and lifts the limitations from your recessive DNA. These are located in the cells of the body, and she will read and clear these for you. Marlene will be clearing DNA blocks preventing you from seeing clearly and offer Quantum Activations of the faulty programs in the DNA.

Clear your dysfunctional programming NOW and lift Vision limitations from your DNA!

Heal Emotional Trauma to let go of the Ties to:

  • Glaucoma - Hostility
  • Floaters- View Past Life Traumas through a Changed Lens to See New Opportunities! 
  • Eye Twitching - What Childhood Trauma Do You Fear May Return? 
  • Watery Eyes – Inability to express an inner grief, not seeing the truth, fearing the future, not wanting to see life as it is, Your life is weak and out of focus, not seeing eye to eye with another, not forgiving, inability to see your self worth.
  • Under Eye Circles - bitterness, remorse/regret, self condemnation, deep seated grief, feeling unfulfilled, resentment/hurt
  • Apply Eye Firming Muscle and Skin Activations to Lids, Lashes and surrounding Skin and Muscle

Ask yourself honestly, are you 100% focused on what you want in your life? Or have you been pulled in by external agendas of the increasingly negative world that only leave you angry, depressed and upset?

All these outside events and negative life experiences only distract and cloud your mental focus and clarity. If only you could manifest the life of your dreams… If only you could reclaim your power and shift your reality...

Now you CAN! Take this “Mind’s Eye Journey from Dream to Reality!”


Total Package Value $797

Your Body Power Special Offer $247
Early Bird Offer: $177

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Visual Awareness & Brain Power Upgrade

Revamp Your Brain’s Processing Power of Your Vision!

  • EVERYTHING in Package A
  • Visual Awareness & The Brain Connection: Optic Nerve & Visual Cortex Upgrade Livestream
  • BONUS: Personalized Remote Healing Session by Marlene


Visual Awareness & The Brain Connection: Optic

Nerve & Visual Cortex Upgrade Livestream

Date & Time: October 21, 12 PM PST

If you have vision symptoms, chances are something requires upgrading in your Brain since 50% of it in some way is devoted to Vision.

The Optic Nerve is a grouping of over 1 million nerve fibers that transmit visual information by electrical impulses from the eye to the brain where the Occipital Lobe/Visual Cortex receives and processes it. Visual Information Processing is interpreting the input from your eyes to your brain. There’s a lot involved with it: Visual cognition, Visual attention, Visual memory and Scanning.

Reduced Vision makes the Eye muscles work harder to compensate for decreased visual clarity, and you can experience:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Balance disorders
  • Dizziness

If you take care of your eyes, you improve the quality of your life.

Addressing cataracts, glaucoma, and vision loss can help your brain perform at its best and with aging, good vision is key to being a safe driver, preventing falls, and may decrease your risk of memory loss and dementia.

Just as our brains process our Vision, having good Vision helps our brains process the world around us, providing depth perception, balance and movement.

Science does not know exactly how the brain works to create the amazing experience of visual perception, but Marlene can read it at the Quantum level, and clear the element that may be blocking good Vision for you!

Supercharge your Vision & Brain Connection NOW!


Personalized Remote Healing Session by Marlene

This is your unique opportunity to get a ONE OF A KIND OPPORTUNITY to receive Remote Healing by Marlene. During this session, Marlene will personally TUNE INTO YOU to get a reading of what you would like resolved. Marlene intuitively goes to the very root of what is causing issues for you.

For this Remote Healing Session you’ll Have an Opportunity to:

  • Send Marlene the issue you want healed!
  • Get to the REAL CAUSE of your problems!
  • Know how to eliminate issues impacting your Vision!
  • Discover WHY you are afflicted by an illness!
  • Know what your symptoms are trying to tell you!
  • Release the trapped energy behind unconscious traumas still playing out today!
  • And much, MUCH more…

You don’t want to miss out on this rare chance to have a remote session with an internationally renowned Master Spiritual Healer who has helped celebrities, business leaders, and discerning women everywhere around the world reclaim their lives.

INVEST in yourself TODAY & unleash the higher energies within you!


Total Package Value $1497

Your Body Power Special Offer $327
Early Bird Offer: $247

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will it work for me?

Marlene’s process works seamlessly on Cells within the human body and yes, this works for everyone!

Q. How often do I need to listen to the recording?

You may listen to the recorded MP3’s as often as you like, and the Video Replays of the Livestreams are provided for you to watch - and get the coded healings again perhaps every 3 months is best, but not required as the upgrade lasts for years.

Q. What commitment is expected from me?

Beyond attending the livestreams, the biggest requirement is a willingness to take action where appropriate.

You will have what you need, but some people with chronic disorders may require a personal session, or additional rounds of Clearing. Please also accept that it is your responsibility to take the steps necessary to improve a poor lifestyle.

We will be clearing the cells in a very short amount of time, so it’s important that you eat well, stay hydrated, and rest when necessary.

Q. When can I expect results?

Shifts happen instantly so results can happen instantly.

Even in the most stubborn situations, evidence that things are shifting positively can usually be seen in less than three weeks, and most organs and glands upgrade within 30-90 days.

“I feel so much better!”

“Marlene is wonderful. She has a peacefulness about her that you pick up on. Since working with Marlene I have had a lot more energy and feel much better. More peaceful."

~ Gail

“My health has improved!”

“In general I just feel better. I feel like I have more energy now. I can definitely tell my health has improved. Thank you so much!"

~ Susan O.

“I have seen great progress!”

“Marlene is the best! I saw great progress. I also had a private session where everything was addressed and I noticed that I have been feeling so much better since! I’m a lifetime fan and will continue to participate in these amazing clearings!"

~ Erin B.

“Gaining back my life!”

“I was having a lot of issues with my health. During the calls and sessions with Marlene I could feel things were shifting and I felt a lot of release. My energy is much better now and I'm slowly gaining back my life! Thank you Marlene!"

~ Gertrude d.

“Feeling quite peaceful and content!”

“I have had a lot of different energy healings many of which were subtle and I didn't really notice much difference. However with your healings I did notice a very distinct difference.

After your infection clearing my sinus condition got much better, and when I get it now it’s milder, just for a couple of days instead of lasting weeks. When I contacted you and you did a little extra work, a severe head pain disappeared immediately. That was pretty impressive and I was very grateful.

I also noticed after doing your Pineal healing that for the past Month or longer I have been feeling quite peaceful and happy in spite of being pretty much locked up in my house in the hot Florida weather. It’s been amazing to just feel content and centered with so much bad news swirling all around me.I really appreciate that."

~ Evelyn H.

“A new me for sure!”

“You have to Do this to Believe it. No Hype, No Promises, just OVER the TOP DELIVERY! I’m blown away at the Results I’m seeing daily: Improved Health and a general improvement overall that is hard to put a finger on exactly, a New Me for sure!"

~ Maria P.

“Saw changes the next morning!”

“You found things in my Genes related to ancestors, and that seemed to be a real BIG one for me! Then the Activation you did for me was nothing short of a MIRACLE!! I saw changes the next morning! I also saw tears coming from my eyes, but this time it was from extreme happiness at seeing myself in the Mirror! What a dramatic shift, so excited to do more! Keep it coming Marlene, LOVE it!"

~ Gina T.

“Marlene got to the heart and soul of my problem!”

“The generosity of what you put in this Program is unlike anything I have purchased in the past. It’s not a bunch of Do It Yourself audios that confuse me. You explained what was going to happen, things to look for, how long it took, etc. I love your ability to create breakthroughs, this hasn’t happened for me, I’m a hard case generally, but WOW, you got to the heart and soul of my problem and I feel so relieved! And what a bargain, have I mentioned that?? Love this, love you!"

~ Pamela S.

package A



Total Package

Value $797

Your Body Power

Special Offer


Visual Clearing & Visual Upgrade Livestream

Bonus: Clear Faulty DNA Programs

Limited Time Bonus: “Mind’s Eye Journey: From Dream to Reality” with Marlene Allen

package B



Total Package

Value $1497

Your Body Power

Special Offer


Visual Clearing & Visual Upgrade Livestream

Bonus: Clear Faulty DNA Programs

Limited Time Bonus: “Mind’s Eye Journey: From Dream to Reality” with Marlene Allen

Visual Awareness & The Brain Connection: Optic Nerve & Visual Cortex Upgrade Livestream

Bonus: Personalized Remote Healing Session by Marlene

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