Arild Daniel Sagmo
My tension in my mind was gone in seconds! I’m in awe of how fast this method is working!

Thank you so much for the session and the extra time you did with me! I’m in awe of how fast this method is working in some areas! My tension in my mind was gone in seconds and that is very impressive to experience!

I also must say that both the Pineal gland and the Pituitary gland upgrade was very nice as well! I’m feeling very much in peace in my head right now and I can’t wait what this upgrade will do for me in the future! I totally forgot to attend the Pituitary gland upgrade last night, and I was very disappointed by myself for doing that, but I let that go and forgive myself for it and love myself anyway! It’s probably my ego trying to sabotage anything I do to get better, but I love my ego anyway!

The butterfly in my living room was also a very special thing to experience! That is a very rare and special thing to happen! Thank you, Universe, for that! 

Looking forward for the vision, the immunity program and the Healing training!

Have a fantastic day Marlene!  I have a feeling I will write more of these emails to you! 🙂