Bev S. MN

I had been to several doctors for my symptoms, I had very low energy, I felt tired and worn down by the middle of the day, my whole body was sluggish, my skin got dry and more wrinkles started appearing, the medications the doctors were giving me made me emotional and occasionally I’d skip taking them because I became more forgetful, and to top it off my hair started falling out in clumps!

I used to be very attractive, and then one day I just didn’t see it on my face in the mirror anymore, how depressing! When I began with Marlene I felt hopeless and weak. Within a few days I noticed some of my energy return! That gave me a flicker of hope, and over the next few days and weeks I turned the corner and started coming back to not only the person I had been, but I actually started reversing my age!

I saw changes on my skin, it wasn’t as dry, my hair stopped falling out, my brain fog lifted, I could see things more clearly, and I dropped a few pounds I had been carrying around, and my mood instantly improved! People asked me what I was doing because they wanted some of what I was taking!

I’m laughing and happy again, and best of all I like the woman I see in the mirror now, my “pretty” returned and my husband is sure noticing the improvement too! Ha ha! I can’t say enough good things, I’m just so happy now, thank you so much!