“If you’re in your 40’s or beyond, you’ve probably started to feel the decline of your life, your energy doesn’t last all day, your joints start to ache, and you don’t feel as invigorated as you used to. We live in a world when our bodies age faster than the calendar shows.

I’ve identified the triggers for cellular deterioration and how they affect women on the physical, mental, energetic, spiritual, professional, nutritional, financial, and emotional levels.

It’s a proven fact that midlife is the time the human body most requires assistance, and to ignore this critical opportunity can mean bearing the burden of illness and old age disease.

My programs adopt a fun, all natural and personal approach that help people recognize the truth about who they really are.  I look forward to assisting you find Your Body Power!"

Marlene Allen

Marlene Allen is an internationally renowned AGE REVERSAL EXPERT, and respected Body Intuitive, affecting desired change for Women, on multiple levels.

Marlene gets to the root cause of illness and disease by healing issues in this life, traumas on your timeline, and programming in the DNA while utilizing ancient wisdom protocols in the body’s Master Stem Cells to let go of what doesn’t belong, to REGENERATE and Optimize the Body’s GLANDS, HORMONES, ORGANS, and Entire SYSTEMS!

Marlene’s in-demand Makeovers Reverse Biological Age a Decade or more, in 90 days or less. Clients find relief, experience amazing results, step into their full potential, and lead their lives and businesses in ways they only dreamed of after experiencing her amazing healings.

Midlife doesn’t have to mean suffering with debilitating fatigue, aches and pains.
Discover Vitality & Enjoy the Fullness of Life!

Midlife often introduces Loss of Energy and Fatigue.



An all natural, timeless protocol that only fortunate women over time had access to, has come out of the closet. Discover a whole new world of possibilities we never dreamed were possible, let alone probable.

Take a Radical New Approach to Midlife!

  • Everything is Done For You! It’s Virtual
  • Our Sessions are by Phone, Skype or Zoom
  • Personal & Discreet 1 on 1 Sessions
  • No Pills, Creams or Medical Treatments

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