Reverse Biological Age A Decade or More, In Less Than 90 Days with Marlene Allen

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Our body is extremely unpredictable. We can't tell when we will feel motivated, feel tired, or exhausted. Sometimes we feel weird and not feeling ourselves. Despite our age, did you know that there's a way for us to reverse our biological age?

In today's podcast, we will learn more knowledge to control our body age,  how to reverse it, and achieve a comfortable sleep, infinite motivation, and positivity and increasing your metabolism rate and more!

I have joined Marlene Allen, an internationally recognized CELLULAR QUANTUM REGENERATION EXPERT, and respected Body Intuitive is known as a LEADING “Midlife Makeover Health Coach”, affecting desired change on multiple levels.  She has deep knowledge regarding body issues gained throughout the years of case study, working extensively on her self and lengthy professional experiences that lead her to know the root causes of illness and disease and concept an innovative way that can heal emotional, mental, and physical issues in life.

Join us in a healing session for Thyroid this coming August!
• August 12, 2020 (Wednesday) 10AM PST | 1PM EST | 6PM London
• August 13, 2020 (Thursday)  1 AM Perth

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