Reconnect With SELF 2021-01-21T08:13:07+00:00

Listen to Master Healer Marlene Allen
Let Go of Unresolved & Hidden Trauma that Surfaces in Times of Crisis, and Reconnect With SELF

In this activation by Marlene Allen you will clear the energies of the pent-up, excess energy of stress. This is a powerful activation for people that have lived through difficult times, may be experiencing PTSD, or who fear an illness, and want to heal. This will assist in letting go of this energy from your body so you can get back to feeling yourself again

This incredible energetic transmission is part of the Adrenal Gland Upgrade Solution by Marlene Allen. That program clears the causes behind what keeps the body in a state of stress, and this audio you can use on your own daily if you wish, to reset your energy.

Marlene Allen