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Mindset Blocks

MIDLIFE Success Makeover

Exclusively for Business Women:

If you are living in the daily grind, never quite “getting there”, or “making it”, perhaps you are afraid of failure, or even success, or something is getting in the way of your success.

Have you considered starting your own business but it seems like a daunting task, and you’re too tired to contemplate it at the end of the work day?

Being in business, and offering your gifts to the world can be frightening. Mistakes such as accepting a ‘bad client’, not charging what you’re worth, focusing on the ‘wrong’ tasks, and avoiding sales and marketing spell disaster, and can ruin your livelihood.

  • Clean House of what you have put up with until now including your mindset, emotions, thoughts, and group mind hypnosis.
  • ✓ Open up to your biggest, best self and become an attractor of abundance
  • ✓ Dream up your highest vision, then create it with no limitations!

Law of Attraction

Midlife Change Makeover

– includes:

  • Mindset Shifts Transform Blocks to What’s Stopping You
  • Upgrades to Your Abundance & Prosperity Setpoints
  • Dream Life Visualization Activation

Law of Attraction

“Personal 1 on 1 Support & Session”

Let’s get to the bottom of this!
Personal Reading & Recommendation
Clearing Session to Release the Issue(s)

1 hour $227

2 Hour $347

4 hour $497

VIP 7 Hours $777

Not sure how long your issue may require?

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