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Marriage Makeover

Midlife Marriage Makeover

– includes:

  • Clear Out the Past: Karma & Shared Energy Release
  • Get on the Same Page: Raise & Match Your Love Levels
  • Self Love & Nurturing Activation

Divorce Detox

Midlife Divorce Detox

Exclusively for Divorced Women (or break-ups) within the last couple of years:

Are you familiar with ‘breakup aftershocks’? Sure, you can get numb, senseless, thin, overweight, risky, defensive, broke, shocked, anxious, on alert, verge of tears, jealous, aches or pains, addicted, loose, odd heartbeats, snappy, tired, listless, you get the idea.

Don’t go through this the HARD WAY, now you don’t have to experience these same extremes.

This program is very comprehensive, and includes:

  • ✓ Releasing Energetic Interferences
  • ✓ Clearing Emotional Trauma
  • ✓ Sleep issues
  • ✓ Burnout of Over-Stressed Organs
  • ✓ Self Love and Loving again
  • ✓ Sexuality & Pleasure
  • ✓ and a lot more!

Marriage Makeover

“Personal 1 on 1 Support & Session”

Let’s get to the bottom of this!
Personal Reading & Recommendation
Clearing Session to Release the Issue(s)

1 hour

2 Hour

4 hour

VIP 7 Hours

Not sure how long your issue may require?

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