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Marlene Allen is an internationally renowned AGE REVERSAL EXPERT, and respected Body Intuitive, is known as a LEADING “Midlife Mentor”, affecting desired change on multiple levels for Celebrity Clients, as well as Leaders in Business, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Conscious Entrepreneurs, and Midlife Women & Men!

Marlene’s sense of deep knowing provides insight into the body’s issues. Years of case study, working extensively on herself, and lengthy professional experience have led Marlene to get to the root causes of illness and disease and create her own unique technique that heals emotional, mental, and physical issues in this life, traumas on your Timeline, and programming in the DNA while utilizing ancient wisdom protocols in the body’s Master Stem Cells to let go of what doesn’t belong, to REGENERATE and Optimize the Body’s GLANDS, HORMONES, ORGANS, and Entire SYSTEMS!

Marlene’s in-demand Midlife Makeovers Reverse Biological Age a Decade or more, in 90 days or less. Clients find relief, experience amazing results, step into their full potential, and lead their lives and businesses in ways they only dreamed of after experiencing her amazing healings.

Marlene’s clients have taken their lives to new levels by training with her to become empowered as Healers themselves through her Your Body Power Quantum Activations Certification Training which provides the tools to heal yourself, your family, and also trains you how to use your skills as a business with clients!

Marlene speaks regularly on global teleseminars, radio shows and podcasts.  She is currently laying the ground work for Global Super Events.

Marlene is a wife, mother, sister, friend and mentor, who lives in beautiful Arizona, along with her sweetheart husband, Bruce.