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​From Tired to Inspired!
​“Awakening from Midlife Insomnia”

​Is getting out of bed in the morning a groggy struggle against the urge to just lie down and conk out for another hour or five? Or do you notice an energy crash midafternoon, only to find yourself unable to fall asleep when bedtime finally comes?

If that sounds familiar, then you might be having trouble with midlife hormones & sleep cycles.

Unfortunately, menopause may find you constantly fighting to stay awake, along with the inability to fall asleep naturally. This creates that “tired but wired” feeling of being exhausted but unable to drift off. And lying awake at night cuts into your sleep time, making you grumpy and tired the next morning.

This is awful to live with, and chronic sleep debt also has serious long-term consequences, including weight gain, metabolic problems, and faster aging.


  • ​Sleep Refresh Restart
  • Quantum Healing-Infused Session Meditation MP3
  • Follow Along Guidebook & Journal
  • Personal Reading & Recommendation
  • 20 Minute Activation Session with Marlene

​From Tired to Inspired!

​“Awakening from Midlife Insomnia”

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