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​Marlene Allen's Special Offer - Your Enlightened Hormones

Marlene Allen is an Internationally renowned Spiritual Healer & ‘Menopause Mentor’.

An Holistic Enlightened approach for Rejuvenating the 7 Energy Centers,
Regenerating the 7 Endocrine Glands and Refreshing the Hormones.

What if you found the Fountain of Youth?
You are invited to:

Tap into it to:

 Reduce or eliminate annoying and debilitating midlife symptoms

  • Head off illness and disease before it comes your way
  • Naturally reverse the clock of biological age by 10 years or more
    - Without pills, creams or medical treatments ..

             …. in 60 days or less!


I’m amazed!!!

I’m either the biggest fan or the biggest critic, and I’m THRILLED with what I’ve experienced in my sessions with Marlene this past month. I released  things I have never heard of before, and when I did, I never felt so good afterwards! Clearer thinking, more confident, getting more done. I’m a business owner and know some long hours, instead of dragging at the end of my day, I’m energized and happy. What a difference. I guess I just forgot how wonderful we’re supposed to feel. So grateful to have ME Back!


​The ENLIGHTENED Hormones System:

​Rejuvenating the 7 Energy Centers that Surround the 7 Endocrine Glands,
Refreshing the Functioning of your Enlightened Hormones, and
Regenerating the Thyroid and Adrenal Glands from the Cellular Level
Back to their Youthful Biological State!

​Reverse Biological Age by 10 years or More, in 60 Days or Less!​

​The sooner you know what’s causing the acceleration of aging the sooner you can stop it in it’s tracks and begin to reverse its devastating effects before its too late.


  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Constipation
  • ​Skin Problems
  • ​Depression
  • ​Loss of Concentration
  • ​Menstrual Irregularities
  • ​Obesity
  • ​Weakness
  • ​Hypoglycemia
  • ​Chronic Pain
  • ​Dry Skin
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Premature or Delayed Menopause
  • ​ADHD
  • ​Cold Hands and Feet
  • ​Infections and Colds
  • ​Sense of Hopelessness
  • ​Decrease in Mental Sharpness
  • ​Diabetes
  • ​High Blood Pressure
  • ​High Cholesterol
  • ​Heart Diesease

These are all unbalanced hormone symptoms, and women over 50 are at the highest risk.

Package A

** Discount 80%

Total Package Value $497
Special Offer
7 Energy Centers of the
7 Endocrine Glands
Livestream Session with Marlene
Full Organ & Gland Reading

Package ​B

** Discount 80%

Total Package Value $997
Special Offer
Everything in A
Thyroid Gland Regeneration
2 Livestream Sessions with Marlene
Program Removal

Package ​​C

** Discount 8​3%

Total Package Value $1497
Special Offer
Everything in A & B
Adrenal Gland Regeneration
3 Livestream Sessions with Marlene
Recessive DNA Clearing

What others are sharing:

Energize the Mitochondria ~ the Energy Centers in the Cells ~ to restore the transmitting of signals to the brain of the need for more hormones.

​​PACKAGE A includes:

Rejuvenating the 7 Energy Centers of the 7 Endocrine Glands                               

In an Exclusive 120 Minute Livestream Session with Marlene   


 Get a Personal Copy of your Full Organ & Gland Reading

​​PACKAGE ​B includes:

Regenerate the Thyroid Gland

In an Exclusive 120 Minute Livestream Session with Marlene   


Program Removal                               

​​PACKAGE ​C includes:

Regenerate the Adrenal Gland

In an Exclusive 120 Minute Livestream Session with Marlene   


Recessive DNA Clearing


Marlene Allen is a Master Quantum Activator, (which is essentially Energy Healing on Steroids!) and her specialty is Mid-Life Makeovers for women using the most powerful method of Quantum Activations.

Marlene’s sense of deep knowing provides insight into a woman's issues, then with protocols the body responds to, that which is 'not you' and is no longer beneficial are let go, to restore, rejuvenate, and then regenerate the body’s systems, while releasing stubborn stuck-on emotions, thoughts that no longer work, and beliefs obtained from others. Women find relief, and themselves during sessions with Marlene. 

Her specialty is Midlife Makeovers since midlife is a true turning point in everyone’s life, and women have an important role, one motivated by purpose and passion. This time for ones self. Blazing the trail on a new journey, and a new adventure!

You can avoid the mid life crisis, without getting sick, divorced, or depressed, and clear out the junk that’s built up over the first 30-50 years, and get rid of it, without carrying it into the next phase of life.

“After years of study, training and case studies to learn and to apply my gifts, and due to my curiosity, I discovered how to speed up the healing and the results. A session with me is remarkably easy, virtual, pain free, and fun!”

Marlene helps Midlife Women bring their wisdom to the world through training, quantum activation clearing programs, mentorship, workshops and retreats.

Experience a new, enlightened approach to menopause! / hormones

If you have any physical issues such as stressed adrenals, taxed immune system, loss of energy or sleep, dizziness, lack of desire, and aging in general, you can be sure you have something to clear out.

Emotional symptoms like imbalanced up and down moods, fuzzy thinking or remembering small or large, recent or past occurrences can also be attributable to the ‘changing of the guard.’

Thoughts and beliefs that are scientifically proven to hold you back, to keep you safe in a way, do not allow you what you think you want. They block you from receiving or attracting it, no matter what you do, and keeps you stuck in a cycle, never quite getting where you thought you’d be by now.

The time, money and energy you put into things that don’t relieve your problem, let alone rejuvenate, and regenerate, and bring you back to playing at a level 10, in the true perfection of the human design that we all started out with.