A Transformative Healing & Online Training Retreat

September 4, 5, 11 & 12, 2021
8 AM PST / 11 AM EST / 4 PM London

+ Follow Up Zoom Trainings with Marlene

What are the Secret Natural Laws of Energy Healing?

  • What are the Healing protocols of Quantum Activations?
  • I have the potential, but currently don’t possess all the tools. 
  • I have issues that I would like to heal for myself.
  • I have family members with problems that I would like to resolve with Energy Healing.
  • I no longer resonate with mainstream doctors, drugs, surgery, anesthesia and side effects, which doesn’t get to the core of the problem, where true healing happens.

When you have these Quantum tools, you can avoid these archaic healing methods and the smoke of symptoms, and go straight to the root of solutions, receive the guidance, input, intuition, address the trauma, the emotion or block that holds an issue in place, all naturally, without side effects, at a minimal cost and time, in the privacy of your own home, naturally, simply, and beautifully.

Lives lived beautifully, harmoniously, by having the correct tools and instruction.

First, you’ll be the detective of your own life, by understanding how it works, applying the tools, and observing the results.

Then you’ll work on family, notice what happens, how they act differently, how the traumas or dramas are reduced or eliminated, observe how the old repeated patterns no longer dictate their lives, see depression or addiction drop to the wayside, and a smile return to their faces!

EXPAND Your World!

Online Healing Retreat with Marlene Allen

Discover Quantum


Most Powerful Healing Method
of Master Healers

Energy Healing

for You

Learn Healing Protocols,
for You, your Family, and Clients!



Have Questions?
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Energy Healing


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Business & Marketing

Amazing work, and endless opportunities.

Next, you’ll want to use the tools, and what you’ve learned about the Healing Business to assist others and work with clients, learning more of what works best for their issues, feeling the excitement as you actually see what you’ve learned applied to REAL life cases, REAL life clients, hearing their words, noticing their results, getting feedback, then going deeper, and hearing how this has changed their lives, their physical bodies, their mind, their energy.

Knowing that you relieved others stress symptoms, pain, or anxiety, all naturally, while charging a fair price based on the value received, getting testimonials that you can post on your website that interest other people in your work, inspiring them to learn about what is possible for them, and getting referrals from clients to their family members and friends, considering their issues, or problems they’re having in their lives, and your client base grows, and grows, and the more people hear about what you do, the more they’ll tell others, until you’ve developed a solid book of regular client appointments.

This Spiritual & Healing Journey Calls to YOU:

  • Desire to learn alternative ways to heal the body
  • Willing to let go of the past and open to experience more joy, freedom and abundance
  • Connection with an amazing Soul-Spirit community
  • Are looking for answers to life’s most important questions
  • Wish to partake in life-enhancing experiences
  • Would love the opportunity to be in the high vibrational energy of Arizona and Marlene Allen to Raise Yours!

Choose the people you work with,
the days and times you want to work,
and the rates to charge.

Choosing the people you are most excited to work with, choosing a category or a topic that interests you most, based on gender or age, or issue, being an expert in that area, the person people call on when they have, or know people with that particular issue, a highly specialized professional working with people you love, getting more results, getting more referrals, getting more testimonials from happy clients brings about a larger income, freedom of time, and ultimate independence. Your Body Power co-Branding is for you to create, optimize and upgrade your healing practice, however you like!

Your life is lived on purpose,
doing what brings you joy,
by assisting others to feel the joy!

By raising the frequency of clients, 1 by 1, 10 x 10, 100 by 100, you change the face of this planet, expanding consciousness, assisting people to reach their human potential, to be on purpose, changing lives beautifully, relieving suffering, pain, depression, illness, and disease, facilitating independence with longevity techniques, freeing people from the medical standard of drugs, surgeries, pain and suffering, while bringing Beauty, Joy and Happiness to lives, everyday!

Imagine at the end of your day the stories you heard, miracles you’ve witnessed, as the conduit of a life affirming, holistic way of HEALING and BEING.  There are no words to describe your choice to BE on purpose, to LIVE your Purpose, FEELING the Exponential Unlimited Expansion as you upgrade your Consciousness, and your Frequency of Vibration.

What is possible for you is limitless.

You choose what you desire, and those desires become real for you based on your choices, the world you live in, your surroundings becoming lighter, as you SHINE as an example of the REAL LIFE available for others.

YOU are the influence, with your skills your abilities you’re now able to pass that information on to others, raising their frequency of vibration, expanding their consciousness, increasing the Miracles here on this planet for all humans to experience the same, 1 by 1, 10 by 10, 100 by 100, 1000 by 1000, exponentially creating miracles by co-partnering with Source.

All this is calling for you.


You feel the magic of this time for yourself,
while discovering the healing power of your amazing body.

LIVE Healing Certification Training & Retreat

September 4, 5, 11 & 12, 2021
8 AM PST / 11 AM EST / 4 PM London


I completed Levels 3 and 4 of Marlene’s Quantum Healing program. This is a leading edge, empowering and life changing program. Marlene teaches in a manner that is thorough, organized and interactive.  You learn these healing methods, step by step, so that once completed you are capable of using these significant healing tools for yourself and others.

Jann Smithrim

I love the class, am learning lots, and will apply the knowledge the rest of my life.


Your training is very informative, thorough , powerful, immensely empowering and awesome!


Marlene offers a very advanced form of healing that she embodies and emanates to anyone wanting to learn the art of quantum healing. Being in her presence is a healing in itself. Here, you have the keys to open the portal to learning the vast healing repritorie of the quantum field that she has downloaded and offers to all who are open to it. If this resonates with you, take the step forward to fulfilling a dream of your heart.


In healing sessions with Marlene Allen I was intrigued by her ability to detect entity attachments but even more so by her ability to eliminate those entity attachments. I decided to take the Quantum Healing course even though I had no background in any Healing modality. Now I can detect and eliminate entity attachments and many other issues for myself, family members and friends. I highly recommend taking this course. With the information imparted in the training, students are empowered to help themselves and others.


I learned how to clear blockages regarding wealth, health, and relationships. I gained confidence in learning how to clear blockages for myself and for others.

P. Shah

Does this sound familiar to you?

Many feel we’re losing the battle with our health and energy, each year more doubtful we’ll feel much better in our remaining years, that it's all in the past, a full life no longer an option.

Time is not on our side as health and vitality slip away from a great number of women with each passing year. Many resign themselves and think they should just accept their limitations and suffer, because people don’t take plain, tired looking, older women seriously, so why bother?

Beauty, Health, and Vitality decline with each passing year, until one day we become ill, require assisted care, and some become a burden on their family, or just pass away without much accomplishment to show for, a legacy lost.


Certification Training: Your Body Power Level 2
Clearings & Training on:

  • Detox Organs: Liver, Colon, Kidneys, Bladder
  • Endocrine Glands & Hormones: Adrenals, Thyroid, Pancreas, Thymus, Parathyroid, Ovaries
  • DNA ~ De-program your “Source Code”
  • Timelines ~ Did this Happen Before? Clear Trauma
  • Wealth & Business ~ Clearings to Abundance
  • Raise your Frequency of Vibration
  • Business, JV Affiliate, Co-Partnering
  • Certification ~ Your Body Power Higher Power
  • More!

Payments Available

PAY in FULL DISCOUNT:                  ~ Only $4,297.00!

Here’s your Agenda:

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Timelines ~ Did this Happen Before? Clear the Trauma, Cycles & Patterns
  • DNA ~De-program your “Source Code” Once you Know it, Change it!
  • Remove Blocks and Overrides, Bloodline

Day 2:

  • Detox Organs ~
  • Clearings for Organs
  • Organ Upgrade:
  • Liver - Your Body Filter and Overworked Protector, Courage & Implementation
  • Colon - Food Elimination Processor, Purging & Letting Go
  • Kidneys - Transform Liquids into Waste & Blood Filter, Judgement & Criticism
  • Bladder - Liquid Storage & Elimination & Changing Old Stuck Patterns

Day 3:

  • Endocrine Glands & Hormones ~
  • Adrenals - STRESS: the reason you get sick / Cortisol, Adrenaline & Self Sabatogue
  • Thyroid - VIRUS: causing Fatigue, Weight, Hair, Constipation… & Speaking Your Truth
  • Pancreas - ADRENALINE: Insulin Resistance, Blood Sugar and Diabetes & Being Sweet on Life
  • Thymus - IMMUNE: Re-Activate this Diminishing Gland & Love Lessons
  • Parathyroid - BONES: Stronger Density from Calcium & Phosphorous & Worry & Failure
  • Ovaries - HORMONES: Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, Energetic Healing, Femininity & Creativity

Day 4:

  • Raise your Frequency of Vibration
  • Certification ~ Your Body Power Higher Power Level
  • 4 Follow UP Zoom Meetings
  • Wealth & Manifestation Clearings
  • Business Training, JV Affiliate, Co-Partnering
  • Case Study Reviews & Recommendations

Primer on:

  • DNA

Our Genes control us. We’re taught that you can’t change them. They work without you being involved, so we have been programmed to be victims.  However, when you discover that consciousness controls your DNA, YOU can control your genetics, and be the master of your own life.

  • Healing Yourself & Family:

START HERE: Know thyself, find your own health and vitality, become whole, share the secrets with loved ones.

  • Your Healing Business

Switch from Self Centered to Others focused. What you give returns to you in ways you cannot imagine before you begin. BE the Healer. BE a Healing Business, ON Purpose!

What’s Included for You:

  1. 3 days of Quantum training, Live with Master Quantum Activator Marlene Allen - $3297
  2. Healing Protocols for Practical Application -$Priceless
  3. ALL INCLUSIVE Accommodations for 3 Nights, All Breakfasts, Lunches and Snacks - $950
  4. Pillars of Consciousness - $497
  5. Vitality & Stamina Boosting Secrets - $497
  6. The Power of YOU - $497
  7. Common Complaints Cures - $497
  8. Your Body Power Ritual & Routine Roadmap - $397
  9. The Souls Subtle Energies Report -  $397
  10. Identifying other beings, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Presentation - $397
  11. Golden Orb Swirl Healing Technique - $497
  12. Q&A sessions - $497
  13. 1 Hour Private Coaching with Marlene - $697
  14. 4 post event Training Livestreams with Marlene - $3000
  15. Your Body Power Roadmap Emails - $997
  16. Event recordings -  $397
  17. Reduced Ticket to Your Body Power – Healing Business - $1497
  18. Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Body Power Healing Business Success - $1497
  19. The 6 figure PAG (Program at a glance) - $997
  20. Re-Frame your Value PDF - $297
  21. Energy Essentials Digital Training - $497
  22. Mastermind Membership – 90 days -  $997
  23. Lunch at My Table one day at event $297
  24. “Your Body Power” Giveaway - $150
  25. Guest Interview Featured on website - $297
  26. "6 Figure Healing Secrets" -  $Priceless

This message is for you if you know there’s something you must do, to help yourself, and your family and friends at this critical time …

External pains and difficulties are the mirrors of inner pain and fears. They mirror what needs to be healed and transformed in your consciousness.

The minute we Connect, I take you under my wing spiritually to assist you in healing the deep trauma sorrows of the past and present.  As you heal your inner pain and traumas, you will also heal the difficult conditions in your life and your physical body.

I train you to identify and clear whatever is needed for your return to wholeness.

My focus is on healing your emotional body, your mental body, your energetic body, and the healing that is required for the physical body, to be in harmony and synchronicity.  In this way, your healing is balanced. When one area of yourself is not in perfect balance, it affects all other aspects of your being.

You will integrate higher vibrations and greater light while letting go of darkness and density. This is how the body becomes limitless, beautiful and whole.

We work on the trapped emotions in your subconscious and unconscious mind that were imprinted on your soul over many lifetimes, most of which were painful and traumatic.

You will learn clearing, healing, and integrating of these experiences so you will not keep replaying the same programming again and again in other lifetimes.

Accessing your higher self is taught so you can know how to achieve true and permanent healing, so all things open up, and come TO you beyond your wildest dreams.

Learning how to release these energies is key in assisting others with their healing. All clearings are designed to bring about a greater awareness of who you truly are.

Life here on this planet has been more like a journey through hell rather than Heaven on Earth.

At this critical time of Earth’s transition, you are being asked to seriously reconsider your true values and priorities. This must match the goals you set for yourself prior to your present incarnation. Whatever you become by embracing your Divine nature stays with you forever.  Those choosing to ascend to the next dimension of Divinity, Love and perfection must clear and heal themselves as their top priority.

Time is of the essence as the Earth is about to undergo some major changes as She shifts up to the fifth dimension. You are being asked to do your part to clean up the mess you’ve created in the third dimension.

Spiritual freedom has been your goal for all your incarnations, the culmination of all lessons, insights, and wisdom that you have gained on Earth.

When you grab that opportunity now or will you wait another 25,000 years for the next round of ascension, experiencing the same difficulties you have been subjected to for so long?

The Choice is yours; it is time for your Awakening!

Let’s do it Together!

Marlene Allen

Your Spiritual Guide:

Be Guided and Supported by Master Healer Marlene Allen