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About Marlene Allen

Marlene Allen

Marlene is deeply committed to enhancing the minds of women, with a healthy, fun, all natural and personal approach.

By “Un-Clogging Sluggish Cells that are Gumming up the Brain”, then Uncovering and Clearing Subconsious Programs, Limiting Beliefs, Faulty Perception, Negative Head Talk, and Upgrading the Mindset, and Addressing Stressors and Nutrient Deficiencies that cause Mind Fog and Mental Fatigue, Provides the Ability for Women Once Again to Remember, then Pursue their Passions with Clear Direction...

Marlene Allen is the Creator of the Cellular Beautyment ‘Fuzzy Brain’ Upgrade.

She is a Midlife Mind Intuitive and Master Quantum Cellular Rejuvenator

~ for symptoms caused by Midlife.

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